Increase your retirement lifestyle

Reduce your Risk, Taxes, & Worry

What Determines Your Success In Retirement?


is based on your rate-of-return


is based on how much you save

Where do you find yourself right now?

Do you need to catch up on retirement savings?

If you started saving late or have faced a setback or two, we have a solution for you.

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Need to Catch Up

Are you looking for a better and tax-efficient way to save?

Smart diversification through a better asset class.

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I need a better way to save

I need better benefits to attract better talent.

Better benefits can attract the talent you need.

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I need to retain my key employees.

Retaining my key employees is critical.

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We Specialize In

Helping you achieve your goals - faster.



Learn how we can provide 60% to 100% more income compared to traditional options in just five short years.

What is Kaizen?

Executive Benefits

We can provide the same benefits you currently offer at a lower price or dramatically better benefits for what you currently pay.

Benefits you never thought you could obtain at a price you can afford.

Executive Benefits

Investment Management

Investment success is based on integrating your unique circumstances with prudent strategies with a high probability of success.

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Financial Planning

Organize your financial resources to achieve all of your goals at a predetermined time in the future.

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Minor Strategic Shifts Producing Maximum Impact


Contribute for Only Five Years

A more manageable way to save.


Up to a three-to-one match

We help our clients save more today without altering their current lifestyle.

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Reduce Market, Tax, & Capital Risk

Diversify your assets with protection.


Increase your probability of success.

Complement your current investment strategy.

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Increase Retirement Income 60% to 100%

Compare to traditional options.

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Self Completing

Protection in the event of a chronic illness or premature death.

I was able to make some of these course corrections before it was too late, and that I had trusted guides who were going to help me make those corrections and a pretty unbelievable plan to help me do what I didn’t think was possible.
Jeff S.
I think the entire team is great, and I highly recommend them!
Marilyn B.
They take the time to explain the complexities of the investing process and are willing to listen and take suggestions.
Michael K.
I know I can call any of them any time and get my questions answered and any concerns addressed.
Joel W.

4 Ways to Learn More

On-Demand Webinar


Watch our short 25-minute demo, which explains the strategy in more detail.


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Free eBook

Our free ebook is loaded with additional information:

· Why traditional advice falls short for high-income earners

· 3 risks we help you reduce or avoid

· Case study on sequence of return risk

· How and why we use leverage today

· How we use safe leverage for your retirement

· On-demand webinar outlining the strategy.

· Invitation to our online system to learn even more and estimate your benefits.

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Estimate your own Benefits

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Once you watch the on demand webinar or download the ebook, you will be given access to the online software called, iLia.

From here, you can:

· Estimate your benefits

· Understand in even more detail how the strategy works

· Obtain answers to the most frequently asked questions


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We would love to explain how we can help.

Schedule a call to see if we are a good fit for you. 

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Learn how to reduce market and tax risk while increasing
your retirement income by 60% - 100% in just five years.  


insuring your retirement | Carlton Wealth


insuring your retirement | Carlton Wealth

Download eBook

Learn how to reduce market and tax risk while increasing your retirement income by 60% - 100% in just five years.