The 5 Pay Retirement Plan

Increase your income 60% to 100%, lower your risk, and save hundreds of thousands in taxes.


Retirement Success

Two Paths for Employers

What are your goals?


Employee only contribution

Simply provide invitation to participate

Give your employees and executives access to participate on their own.

  • Increase benefit offering without any company expense.
  • Help executives and employees increase retirement savings.


Company contribution

Attract. Reward. Retain

Our program allows you to pick the executives and employees you would like to retain.

  • Provide 5 year contribution from the company.
  • Converts incentive cost from a liability to an ASSET with corresponding improvements in earnings.
  • Less expensive, better benefits.
  • Attract top talent from competitors.
  • Retain them longer
  • Reward them for their contribution to your company


Some of the benefits include:

Increase income

Increase income.

Catch up on missed contributions and increase your tax-free income in retirement by 60% to 100%.

Lower risk

Lower risk.

We help you insure against what can go wrong to afford the luxury to invest for what could go right.

3 to 1 Match

3-to-1 match.

Fund your plan in only five payments. Your largest expense is funding your retirement. We help you save more today, without altering your current cashflow or lifestyle.


How to learn more

Schedule a 25 minute demo so you can see and understand:

  • The strategy
  • How it works
  • Your potential income
  • Additional benefits within the plan




Ready to learn more?