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Better benefits at a lower cost.

All the benefits of Kai-Zen
combined into a strategy we call 

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Benefits you never thought you could obtain
at a price you can afford.



TriZen is a financed Executive Bonus program that combines a pre-tax loan from the employer instead of a bonus/ benefit with bank lending to offer even more enhanced benefits than with the Kai-Zen plan.



The employee receives substantially more benefits and the employer-lender reduces payroll costs while also creating an asset. It is a true win-win strategy using an established tax code. The additional financing however makes it a game-changer in terms of benefits for the highly compensated employees.


Convert incentive cost from a liability to an asset 

For employers, this strategy offers substantial balance sheet and cost advantages over other
incentive strategies while dramatically improving key employee retention. 

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Less expensive

with better benefits than defined benefit or deferred compensation plans.

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Attract better talent

Give your company an edge by providing benefits your competition doesn't.

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Retain KEY
executives & employees

Provide benefits that are valuable enough for key employees to stay and not be swayed.

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Only 5 planned contributions by an employer

Simple funding timeline.

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can be 100% funded on day one

Want to fund the entire plan on day one? No Problem.


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An employer decides whom they would like to make the plan available to. 

We built this strategy to help fund the difference between what we need to do and what we can do.

Download a white paper from the Tri-Zen CPA:

“The U.S. Tax Status of the Tri-Zen Program”

A memorandum from a former IRS employee and tax attorney.

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