Financial Planning Overview

Our Approach


We will provide you with a non-disclosure agreement before we speak. This agreement is for your peace of mind and confidentially.


During this short zoom meeting, we will gain an understanding of where you are now and what you wish to accomplish. If we believe we can help, we will provide you with an online questionnaire.

If we aren’t the right firm for you, we will refer you to a firm that would be a better fit.

Solving your most pressing concerns requires clear communication and accurate information. 

Before this meeting, we may request a few documents to help prepare.

Our team will analyze your situation and prepare recommendations that will address your concerns and goals.

This is the recommendations meeting. 

We will present a plan that will address your concerns. 

We value long term relationships.To help you determine if you are making a good decision, think about these questions.

  • Do I like, trust, and respect Carlton Wealth?
  • Has value been demonstrated?
  • Do I understand what’s been presented and recommended?

Based on your decision, we will begin to implement the plan and provide you with a timeframe of competition. 


Your Time = 3 hours