The 5 Pay Retirement Plan

Increase your income 60% to 100%, lower your risk, and save hundreds of thousands in taxes in just 5 annual contributions.


Have a long-term savings plan, but nowhere near enough saved to maintain your current lifestyle when you retire? No matter if you are 30 or 50. You want to avoid working into your 70s. Learn more about how we can help you with our 5 Pay Retirement Plan.


Retirement Plan

Some of the benefits include:

Increase income

Increase income, tax free.

Catch up on missed contributions and increase your tax-free income in retirement by 60% to 100%.

Lower risk

Lower risk.

We help you insure against what can go wrong to afford the luxury to invest for what could go right.

3 to 1 Match

3-to-1 match.

Fund your plan in only five payments.


How to learn more

Schedule a 25 minute demo so you can see and understand:

  • The strategy
  • How it works
  • Your potential income
  • Additional benefits within the plan





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