A Better Solution For Real Estate Investors

Compliment your real estate business with enhanced tax benefits, more protection, and 60% to 100% more income.


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I've seen a lot of financial strategies over the past 30 years, but nothing like this.

- Eric Willner
CEO of Automatic Landlord


Flexible Funding

Flexible Funding

Fund your plan over one to five years.


Smart Leverage

You've utilized leverage with real estate. We use leverage to generate more retirement income.

Enhanced Growth

Enhanced Growth Potential

With your contribution plus the bank contribution, you receive more growth with less out-of-pocket.

More Protection

More Protection

Protect your lifestyle should life throw you a curve ball.

Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages

Tax-deferred growth and potential for tax-free income.


Diversification Without Sacrifice

Diversify without sacrificing the upside.

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Leverage without risk

All the benefits you are used to without the traditional risks:

CheckmarkNo credit checks

noun_Ok_1494760No Loan documents

noun_Ok_1494760No personal guarantees

noun_Ok_1494760No interest payments



Enhanced Growth Potential

Leveraged to provide you the potential for 60-100% more

noun_Ok_149476060% to 100% more income

noun_Ok_1494760Upside crediting

noun_Ok_1494760Downside protection

noun_Ok_1494760Tax-free distributions


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Our free ebook is loaded with additional information:

· Why traditional advice falls short for high-income earners

· 3 risks we help you reduce or avoid

· Case study on sequence of return risk

· How and why we use leverage today

· How we use safe leverage for your retirement

· On-demand webinar outlining the strategy.

· Invitation to our online system to learn even more and estimate your benefits.

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Once you watch the on-demand webinar or download the ebook, you will be given access to the online software called, iLia.

From here, you can:

· Estimate your benefits

· Understand in even more detail how the strategy works

· Obtain answers to the most frequently asked questions

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